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The Foundational Stones

(Shared Vision, Dynamic People, and High Expectations)

This represents the staff of the school. If the staff shares the same vision, is dynamic in their work ethic, and sets high expectations for themselves and those around them, then they provide a solid foundation for  the growth of the school.

The Pillars 

(Parents, Alumni, Community) 

They represent the personal, social, political, and financial resources needed to drive student achievement. It is possible that school can achieve a significant amount of success on the strength of the foundational stones, however, a school will never achieve its greatest potential until it can place these three critical pillars in place. The Alumni is the greatest potential resource available to a school. Parents provide the most immediate support to a school in terms of their tuition dollars and their interpersonal relationships with those within their sphere of influence. Real acceleration of growth and student achievement occurs with the school’s core values and beliefs and is supported by the local community leaders.


The Roof of the Structure 


This represents the students and is totally dependent on the pillars and the foundation. The stronger the foundation, the more sturdy the pillars and the more stable the roof. The firmer and broader the foundational principles undergirding the organization and the deeper the pillars rest in the foundation, the higher the pillars can be raised. The higher the pillars are raised, the higher the roof (student achievement) will rise. The more students achieve, the greater overall recognition that is brought to the school, which may be accompanied by greater access to resources to continue the cycle of leadership development. 


The great hope is that every student in the future that passes through the doors of Northwest Christian Academy will have the benefit of standing on the great structure that we have all had a part in building and rise to even greater heights.

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