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Kindergarten (K5)

Five year old’s are fully engaged in a curriculum, which includes Bible, Phonics/Reading, Numbers, Language Development, Skill Development, Science, Writing, and Arts and Crafts.


Key elements within their group is:

  • Scripture examination and memorization

  • Mathematical readiness and number concepts, balance and design shapes, comparisons, measurements, traditional counting skills, set development and introduction to addition and subtraction.

  • Further letter and sound review, memorization of phonics rules and sight words, which enhance reading skills and reading comprehension.

  • Introduction to Social Studies will focus on learning about one another including cultural differences and land formations.

  • A Second semester Science class focuses on the natural wonders of the world around them as well as an introduction to the science of self, where students realize how everything happens in order.

  • Cursive writing is taught to help students reinforce the blending of sounds, develop good writing habits early and to teach character through learning to be neat, careful and persistent.


Primary Grade Levels (1st - 5th)

Students are challenged in 1st through 5th in these primary disciplines:



Students will study the Old and New Testament Scriptures through active listening of Scriptural truths, memorization of scripture, prayer, and praise time, as well as carefully designed lessons which focus on developing a Biblical Christian World View and an emphasis on building character through character study.



Students will build and will be introduced to many foundational concepts. As students’ progress through the grades, these important mathematical concepts will be easily recognized as the cornerstone to other math applications.


Students will participate in activities that stimulate auditory, kinesthetic and visual processes. In addition to mastering math application, children will be encouraged to find creative strategies to solve for correct answers. Students will be challenged to think and apply concepts that have been introduced in previous grades as well as new math applications.



The Science curriculum will enable students to become scientifically literate. Science will expose students to the scientific method: acquiring knowledge, using scientific skills, hypothesizing, measuring, observing, identifying, classifying, experimenting, investigating, estimating, predicting, inferring, and drawing conclusions.


Language, Reading and Writing

In each unit the student will encounter oral reading, writing connection, composition and language skills. In the reading-writing connection students will view a model of the composition to be studied. During the composition focus, student will concentrate on the writing process (prewriting, drafting, responding and revising, proofreading and publishing). In Reading the concentration is on fluency, comprehension, building vocabulary to develop verbal and written language. Northwest Christian Academy’s goal is committed to the task of producing Christian thinkers and communicators to advance the kingdom of God.


Social Studies

Students will become aware of their communities and understand their importance. Throughout the year, students will gain knowledge in History, Geography, Economics, Government, Citizenship and Culture.


Latin and Music

Designed to stimulate through a structured, fun and entertaining environment, Elementary Music and Spanish introduces students to a new language and the foundational building blocks of music appreciation with two performances for the school year.



Students will learn the basics of colors, blending colors, using shapes, making 3 dimensional objects and at the same time develop the child by promoting creativity, imagination and artistic expression.



Computer classes will enhance and give more practice to some of the academic subject taught in the class rooms and at the same time will learn some of the fundamentals of computer technology.


Physical Education

The physical Education curriculum emphasizes active living through participation in a balanced variety of movement experiences. Through physical education, students learn to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives and they come to understand that an active, healthy lifestyle fosters personal growth and enables them to meet the challenges of society.

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