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COVID-19 Case Reported

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Dear Parents,

In light of NCA exercising measures to ensure all of our students, parents, staff, and teachers are safe, we will have to close school due to a report of a student testing positive.

Key notes:

  1. Virtual learning will still take place from 8am on Monday, Jan. 25th 2021.

  2. All students must be in school uniform.

  3. If you need a Chromebook, please come at 3pm today to collect it. IF not, the school office will be opened next week from 7:30am.

  4. Your child will be going home with all their books for learning to continue.

  5. Please do not bring your child to school on Monday, Jan. 25th 2021 - February 5th 2021.

  6. NCA will resume school on Tuesday, February 8th 2021 at 8am.

  7. Attendance is imperative for this time of learning and parents, we need your full support to ensure your child is giving one hundred percent effort in this season.

Google Classroom Instructions and Training - Click Here


Stefanie Daviglus

Head of School | 305-685-8734


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