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Logging into Google Classroom and Google Meet

Hello Parents and Students,

Students that are starting off the year from home, it is of utmost importance that their accounts are set up and the training video below is reviewed so that students and parents understand what to do. Students will need to click on the Google Meet link in their homeroom class in Google Classroom every morning at 8:00am to be connected to their class for further instructions. Homeroom classes are labeled “HR" with the grade level preceeding it.

Step 1:

Set up Student’s New School Google Account ( account)

Example: If student’s name is Brian Thomas, the email address would be

  • One-Time Password: (temporary password was sent via email to all parents; subject title of email: "Northwest Christian Academy - Important Information for All Parents and Students")

  • Follow remaining instructions to complete registration

Important: Your child’s school Google account is compliant with rigorous industry standards on privacy and security. Click here to find out more.

Step 2:

Training Video 1

How to Access Google Classroom Classes

Click here to watch video.

Training Video 2

Google Classroom/Meet - Logging into Google Classroom/Meet and Switching Between Classes

Click here to watch video.

If you have any issues or concerns, please reach out to the school at 305-685-8734.

Thank you parents and students!

Northwest Christian Academy


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