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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

  • All learning will be in person and on campus at this time.

  • COVID vaccinations are not required for NCA students or staff but encouraged for those eligible and those concerned with potential harm from the virus.

  • Students will have their temperature checked as they enter their classrooms.

  • Additional cleaning measures are in place for all school facilities.

  • Daily classes and school activities will largely operate on a normal basis.

  • Masks will be required for grades K5-8 from August 11 through August 20, 2022. Beginning August 23, 2021, masks will be optional for students and staff. Mask requirements may resume for all or some if cases in the community increase, an isolated exposure is identified, or at the discretion of the school administration. Parents who desire for their child(ren) to wear a face covering during school hours will need to have that conversation with them, as NCA staff will not be responsible for holding students accountable.

  • If a student or staff tests positive then an email will be sent to impacted parents explaining the potential exposure. Specific names will not be provided in compliance with the law.

  • A student that tests positive for COVID and is asymptomatic must remain off campus for a minimum of 10 days following a positive test. A student or staff that has symptoms may return 10 days following their last day of symptoms. A negative test may be required in some cases to return to school especially if the individual is asymptomatic.

  • Siblings of a student infected with COVID will be required to remain off campus until a negative test result can be ascertained.

  • Students and staff that are identified as closely exposed to a case of COVID may be required to present a negative PCR test in order to return to school. This includes vaccinated individuals who have been exposed. In some instances, a rapid test may be required for immediate contact tracing.

  • Students that are home due to COVID exposure or illness will have their school work sent home at a reasonable time. Students that are ill with COVID will be given a reasonable time to complete their work.

  • The NCA administration reserves the right to alter and amend these policies as needed.


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