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Tools for Success

Congratulations parents and students as we continue to progress through the 2022-23 academic school year!


  • First and foremost, start your day with God. Have a family devotion where you spend time reading the Bible and praying.

  • Make certain you eat a good breakfast to give your body fuel for the morning. But most importantly, have your child in attendance daily (except if they're sick) and be on time.

  • Parents, don't forget to discuss your child's day, check their backpack (ELM), review RenWeb for homework and grades, and check your emails.


  • Make sure you complete all of your homework and come prepared with all books and supplies.

  • While you're in the class, pay attention, follow directions, and ask for help when you don't understand something.

  • And above all, always do your very best, have a good attitude, and learn from your mistakes.

  • Remember that everything you do, no matter how big or small, should always honor and please God!


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