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Thinking Skills​

  • The ability to problem solve and offer solutions to problems

  • The ability to quickly adapt to changes in policies and procedures

  • The ability to challenge students to thinking critically

  • The ability to use technology to enhance critical thinking skills in the classroom


Communication Skills

  • The ability to communicate verbally with clear expression of thought to all parties

  • The ability to communicate in writing (including effective and efficient use of email)

  • The ability to respond timely and clearly to all request and queries

  • The ability to communicate verbally and in writing in a timely manner with parents

  • The ability to teach difficult material to students

  • The ability to use technology to enhance communications (i.e. Email, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, etc.)


Organizational Skills

  • The ability to present all requested materials in a timely and professional manner

  • The ability to structure lesson and classroom layout to maximize instructional time

  • The ability to manage students to achieve their maximum potential

  • The ability to use technology to enhance organization

Servant Leadership

  • Serves regularly in the local church

  • Supports students in their extracurricular activities

  • Willingness to provide assistance to all colleagues

  • Willingness to serve anyone when called upon

  • Exposition of Truth


Rightly divides the Word of God (Scripture)

  • Understands and explains the foundations of the faith

  • Clearly articulates the plan of salvation

  • Continues to apply God's Word of truth in daily living

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