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Shared Vision

  • Understands and connections with vision, mission, and core values

  • Begins to develop and adapt their own philosophy of Christian education as it relates to their subject and the grade level they teach

  • Seamlessly integrates a Biblical worldview into their lesson preparation


Servant Leadership

  • Willingness to serve anyone when called upon Serves regularly in the local church

  • Supports students in their extracurricular activities

  • Willingness to provide assistance to all colleagues


Exposition of Truth

  • Rightly divides the Word of God (Scripture)

  • Understands and explains the foundations of the faith

  • Clearly articulates the plan of salvation

  • Continues to apply God's Word of truth to daily living 


Critical Thinking Skills

  • The ability to problem solve and offer solutions to problems

  • The ability to quickly adapt to changes in policies and procedures

  • The ability to challenge students to thinking critically

  • The ability to use technology to enhance critical thinking skills in the classroom



  • Communicates with all constituents effectively and regularly, in a variety of mediums as needed (verbal, written, visual, etc.)

  • Proactive with all communication regarding lesson objectives and progress

  • Responds in a timely manner to all requests from parents, students, or director

  • Follows the chain of command with all communication

  • Uses technology to enhance communications

  • Can teach difficult material to students


Classroom Management

  • Has outlined and followed clear procedures for the governing of the classroom to minimize distraction and maximize instructional time.

  • Has developed procedures for all tasks required to complete an activity, removing hindrances to effective instruction

  • Gives students sufficient time to practice a procedure to ensure they understand what is required for the given task

  • Understands and administers the departmental discipline plan equitably



  • Presents all requested materials in a timely and professional manner

  • Structures lesson and classroom layout to maximize instructional time

  • Manages students to achieve their maximum potential

  • Uses technology to enhance organization

  • Has a paper trail

  • Can justify every grade issued, with assessments/rubrics

  • Has a logical and consistent method/filing system for processing and distributing student work



  • Does assigned job with excellence and to the best of his or her ability

  • Follows the policies and procedures outlined in the Faculty Policy Manual and those listed in the departmental survival guide

  • Seeks to grow in assigned role

  • Offers guidance to fellow colleagues in line with the clearly established policies and procedures of the school

  • Stays in lane but is ready to assist if called upon

  • Prays for colleagues


Teach Systematically

  • Follows the curriculum guide

  • Develops lesson objective sheets, distributed to students at the start of each unit

  • Organizes lesson objectives in lesson plan so that the majority of time dis devoted to mastery of the most basic skills in a given subject

  • Presents instruction that appeals to the three main learning types (auditory, visual, kinesthetic)

  • Provides periodic formative assessments to check for understanding

  • Provides summative assessments to check for overall mastery

  • Provides remediation where necessary following an assessment

  • Provides enrichment for students who master subject matter head of schedule


Professional Development

  • Makes notes during the school year of things to adjust over the summer

  • Makes lesson objectives, lesson presentations, and lesson plans (at least nine weeks’ worth) over the summer

  • Develops self in at least three areas:

  • Latest information on teaching your subject matter (with grade level considerations)

  • Effective classroom management techniques

  • Latest research in childhood development

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