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Our Summer AEP is an extension of our Academic Enhancement Program. It serves to provide remediation for students needing to repair a failing grade as well as enrichment for those students seeking to maintain their academic edge. The Summer Academic Enhancement Program begins the second Monday in June and runs for five consecutive weeks. The cost per course is $325.



Students who wish to maintain their academic edge during the Summer may enroll in a reading, math, independent study (virtual school), or test prep program. All enrichment courses are subject to availability which may be determined by the number of students who register in a given course.



Students who earn a failing grade for their yearly average (69% or below) are required to enroll in the Summer AEP in order to receive credit for the course and promote to the next grade. Students who did not fail a course may enroll in the remediation strand if they so choose; however, it is only required for students who have earned a failing grade.


General Policies

A maximum of 3 courses can be repaired during Summer AEP.  Students may earn a maximum of a C+ for each course.

Students failing more than three courses must find alternate means to earn these credits, in order to meet state and NCA graduation requirements and thus receive a high school diploma and walk in the NCA graduation ceremony.


K – 5th

$325 (for all core subjects)


6th – 8th

$325 per subject (3 max)

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