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We, Northwest Christian Academy, believe that your tuition payments are an investment in your child’s education and the formation of their religious foundation. Therefore, the church trustees and school board accepts responsibility for recommending to the finance committee and administrator policies concerning the amount of tuition, the manner of payment, and, in general, the development of this tuition policy.


Please note that any unpaid tuition from previous years will prevent re-enrollment in the academy until such tuition balance is paid in full.



Initial fees are non-refundable. The Registration fee must be paid to secure your student(s) place in the academy. The Registration can be paid once the Online Application has been completed.


Tuition and Bundled Payments

Students are not allowed to begin class until the first tuition payment is made in full. All tuition, bundled, and fee payments are processed through FACTS Tuition Management. Payments are made in the form of Automatic Bank Drafts (ACH) or credit card. It is the responsibility of the family to register with FACTS during the registration process to establish their payment plan and method.


Families will have the option of making their monthly payments on the 5th or the 20th (note: initial payment for the 20th option will begin one month earlier). There are five payment plans: one annual payment (due August), two payments (due August and January), three payments (due August, November, and February), five payments (due July, September, November, January, and March) and eleven (11) monthly payments (due July-May or June-April). Payments based on the 11-month payment plan are payable July through May. A 3% discount is provided for the one annual payment plan (see Tuition and Fees).


Delinquent Payments

Each family will have the opportunity to view their payments due and payment history twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It is the responsibility of each family to keep the school advised of their need to make any changes in their preferred tuition payment plan. If a payment needs to be rescheduled, the family must contact the school office three (3) business days before the scheduled payment. If any payment returns the unresolved payment is due immediately in the School Office by cash, money order or cashier’s check. A $50 administrative surcharge (by the school) and a $30 late fee charge (by FACTS) will also be payable at the same time. However, FACTS will continue to process your scheduled monthly payments. Failure to respond immediately will lead to your child’s dismissal from classes until the account is no longer in arrears. A second return on your FACTS account may result in your child’s withdrawal from the school.


Early Withdrawal Fee

If a parent/guardian chooses to withdraw their child(ren) from the academy prior to the end of the school year, they must notify the academy in writing of their intentions one (1) month in advance or else be subject to an early withdrawal fee of $500 will be charged. Students that are expelled will also be responsible for paying the $500 withdrawal fee. Tuition will be charged for the full month in which the withdrawal occurs. A statement reflecting all to-date fees owed will be issued from the finance office. All payments must be submitted prior to the final day of enrollment which must be in the form of cash, money order, or cashier’s check. Checks will not be accepted for the final payment.

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