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NCA Virtual Orientation 2020

Hello Parents and Students! We are glad you are back with us for an exciting year.


Step 1:

Please watch the main virtual orientation video below from our Head of School, Ms. Daviglus.

















(If you are unable to view the video above, please click here to watch video)



Step 2:

Please watch your specific grade level teacher orientation video to get to know a little bit about your child's new teacher and what their plans are for the classroom.

Teacher Virtual Orientation Videos


K5 - Ms. Lydia Paul: Click Here

1st Grade - Ms. Kerline St. Preux: Click Here 

2nd Grade - Ms. Jessica Thomas: Click Here 

3rd Grade - Ms. Katherine Acosta: Click Here 

4th Grade - Ms. Shaniqua Jones: Click Here 

5th Grade - Ms. Betsie Franqui: Click Here 

6th Grade - Ms. Silfida Jean-Baptiste: Click Here 

7th Grade - Mr. Nevski Vertus: Click Here 

8th Grade - Mr. Eric Rivera: Click Here 

Parents, when you have completed watching the main orientation video and your specific grade level orientation video, please click here to let us know that you have completed the virtual orientation 2020.

Also, it is very important that you let us know if your child is going to start off the year learning on campus or from home. Please click here to let us know.

Helpful Links for the New School Year

All Videos

All Videos

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