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The Reflective Student

  • This student has the ability to think multi-dimensionally

  • Broad perspective (the sum of the whole)

  • Narrow perspective (attention to details)

  • This student expresses a desire for knowledge and an appreciation of the educational process

  • They understand the role of the teacher

  • They understand the role of the student

  • This student has the ability to intelligibly dispense information multi-dimensionally (i.e. through writing, conversation, or mass presentation)

  • This student has the ability to retain and recall applicable facts, shining new light on old facts

  • This student disseminates truth and uncovers falsities

  • This student is not credulous, but rather probes the opinions of men – past, present and future

  • This student takes time to reflect on his or her actions in light of there future implication


The Active Student

  • This student takes a vested interest in the needs of their community

  • This student is aware of the current issues engulfing their time

  • This student understands the value of tradition and further seeks to understand it

  • This student takes the lead in maintaining, restructuring, or developing new traditions

  • This student adheres to the ethical and academic standards of their respective institutions

  • This student is the change agent in their environment; the one whom everyone looks to

  • for answers to difficult questions.  The one who leads and guides despite possible retribution.

  • This student works in conjunction with the leadership of their institution to integrate change and discuss current and potential issues

  • This student earns the respect of his teachers and peers

  • This student inspires and assist his peers to achieve their potential

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